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Good first impressions are important in all areas of our lives from employers, friends, education and on and on. Starting off positively multiplies peoples’ perceptions of us. The same is true for our homes. Making a great first impression with your front door pays off exponentially for the rest of the home. An attractive beautiful front door entrance system tells all your guests and neighbours that this is a well kept home by homeowners that take pride in their home and themselves. Whether

  Aesthetics Fiberglass doors offer the look of authentic wood grain textures in different species like oak, cherry, mahogany, weathered colours, including a variety of stains and paints fiberglass is the choice for you. Additionally, fiberglass entry doors offer so many options for door glass. Steel entry doors offer a Modern clean look. They look great and offer you an unlimited amount of design options. Steel entry doors are available in a wide variety of styles and colours and can be

1. Replace Your Front Door This might seem like a fairly minor home improvement, but, replacing your front door has been shown time and time again to bring an amazing return. A new steel door averaged a 98% return. When looking at cost versus value, a new door is the top of the list. Why? Put yourself in the shoes of a potential buyer. You pull up to a house you are interested in. You see the landscape, the trees, the shrubs. All fixable. Then you walk up to the house. The front door is old

Home owners are investing in their homes once again, according to recent industry surveys that point to a strong rebound taking hold in home remodeling. Home owners also may be seeing higher gains from some of these remodeling projects at resale, according to the most recent Cost vs. Value Report, which reviews the top remodeling projects that offer the highest returns at resale. The Cost vs. Value Report is conducted each year by Remodeling Magazine, in conjunction with REALTOR(R) Magazine.

Great news if you are planning to buy new replacement windows and doors in the Toronto GTA or anywhere in Canada.  You have an unbiased extremely valuable source of information to help you make an educated decision.  Encore Windows and doors  encourages you to review this site before, during and after contacting any window and door companies. This website contains over 500 pages of copy, drawings and graphs describing windows, doors and skylights and all the factors relating to choosing a

When was the last time you looked at your door locks? I mean really took a close look at the locks. We stick a key in the lock and it opens, but how many times do you think about your locks. I know that we are all very busy and thinking about locks is the last thing on our minds. But think about this, they are your first line of defense; they protect you and your family. They protect your "stuff" when you're not there. So maybe it is time to think about your locks.What do you look for and what