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Ultra Casement

Casement roll windows torontoWelcome to a revolutionary new window product. At 4 1/2″ jamb depth, the Ultra Window is thicker than the typical replacement frame. This means that you can cover more of an opening in a retrofit installation and use fewer accessories in a rip out or new construction installation.

The Series 800M Casement and Series 850M Awning allow for our optional new hidden screen technology. The screen is located on the underside of the head extrusion and is removable without screws.

The Ultra utilizes proven roto operator technology.

Hidden screen windows torontoThe Series 800M Casement and Series 850M Awning allow for our optional new hidden screen technology. The screen is located on the underside of the head extrusion and is removable without screws.

Unlike other rolling screen products, the Ultra is always fastened on all four sides without the use of clamps or magnets. Unlike other screens that are simply a loose piece of mesh on two sides, our screen is designed to loop over two hidden rods on the jambs.

Improve the look of your home by only showing a screen when you want it! Maximize light and solar heat gain in winter!

The hidden screen can stay closed while you open and shut your window. Keep the bugs out!

Enjoy the convenience of our Premium Window with the exclusive hidden Roll-a-way Screen. This is the ultimate casement window. Provides you with a clear unobstructed view. Available in double and triple glazed for superior energy efficiency. Backed by our Unbeatable 30/30 Lifetime Guarantee. This window is made with a 4 1/2″ heavy duty reinforced vinyl frame.

Frame and Sash

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  • Strong, Durable, Maintenance Free uPVC Vinyl Construction
    Warranted for a lifetime of performance.
  • Vinyl is impervious to the elements and never requires painting
  • Multi-Chambered profiles
    Designed for energy savings, extra strength and maximum insulation.
  • Slim profiles
    Result in maximum light penetration without sacrificing strength.
  • Computer Controlled Precision Miter Cutting
    Frame and sash are welded simultaneously for a perfect fit.
  • Versatile & Flexible
    For new homes, your windows are built to your individual needs with options such as nailfins, brickmoulds, jamb returns and frame extensions to fit your type of wall construction.
  • Size Limitations
    • 800M Casement: Width 12″ – 38″, Height 20″ – 80″
    • 850M Awwing: Width 12″ – 48″, Height 20″ – 36″



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  • High Performance Glass – Choose Solar Gain Low E for free Solar Heat or Solar Shield Low E for reducing solar heat gain. Argon and Krypton Gas fillings will maximize heat savings! KeepSafe Glass is the laminate of choice for security, quiet and safety!
  • Optional high performance 1-3/8″ overall triple seal unit – With two 1/2″ air space for Argon Gas with double Low E allowing for a maximum center glass 8.2R/.12U value.
  • Triple protection glazing method – A flexible Neoprene Dual Durometer hugs the glass (Marine Glazing technique). An exterior wet glazing tape and an interior silicone full perimeter seal bead provide a great seal! This commercial technique is exclusive to the ClimateShield Premium Casement. It provides the ultimate in performance and is made for life!
  • IGMAC Approved
    Certification #’s – Temp Smart™ #2190-020508G – Intercept™ #029912


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  • Truth Encore Heavy Duty Operator – Technically the same as the Truth industry leading Maxim, Encore adds a built in folding handle and interchangeable cover.
  • Superior Triple Seal Weather Stripping – High pile is designed to let the water run out while preventing insects from entering. Neoprene bulb seal is the ideal compression seal. Fin pile is used as a secondary main seal. It is a highly effective seal without affecting ease of operation.
  • Optional Hidden Screen – Seals on all four sides and rolls out of sight!
  • Single Lever Multipoint – The Truth Maxim Multipoint and Hinge System is the industry’s finest and is available on our ClimateShield Premium Casement. The Truth Maxim Hinge is specifically designed to handle heavier loads from larger windows with ease, time after time! ClimateShield Plus features a heavy duty multipoint lock and hinge system which is the industry norm on competitive top-of-the line products. All hinges are concealed when closed. Windows minimum width 14″ opens 90° for easy cleaning. (Widths 12″ – 14″ open 70°.)
  • Aluminum Reinforced Frame – Ensures the casement hardware is securely anchored into the vinyl frame with special cut screws threading into the aluminum, as well as the vinyl.


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Window Ratings2

  • CAN/CSA A440 – M00 – F2, A3, B7, C5
  • Energy Rating: +27 U1 value: 0.291
  • CSA Certified File # 204624
  • Window Wise Certified
  • ENERGYSTAR ® Qualified


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TouchScreen as the Standard in the 800TS/850TS model

Our 800TS and 850TS versions of the Ultra Window provide the appearance of a traditional, removable screen. Appearances are deceiving! TS stands for TouchScreen and that means a screen with no springs, pulls or other mechanical devices which can break over time. TouchScreen lifts out with ease. Try our one-handed test and remove your TouchScreen with one hand while holding a glass of water in the other!

RollScreen as Standard in the 800M/850M models.

Our 800M and 850M version of the Ultra Window take advantage of our patented technology for a roll-away screen that seals on all four sides. Most roll screens hide the sides of the screen mesh is an unsecured U channel. The Ultra Roll Screen is looped around hidden metal rods so it glides up and down secure on all four sides of the screen!