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Serenity Windows

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Serenity Windows Toronto

The Serenity Window

Encore’s commitment to providing solutions for modern life results in offering noise reduction Vinyl windows that attain above-average soundproofing. For problem noise areas where exterior traffic, train, airplane, or any other noise sources cause discomfort, Encore offers 2 options. The first option for noise reduction is a new casement and fixed windows with our noise-reducing “Serenity” glazing system. These new windows are specially designed to be soundproof and energy-efficient.

Serenity Windows Toronto

Our Serenity Vinyl windows consist of a thick 4mm pane of glass on the exterior and an extra thick 6.5mm pane of laminated glass on the interior. The airspace between them is stretched to 23mm and is filled with argon gas. This results in an STC (Sound Transmission Coefficient) rating of approx. 40. To compare; most windows with thermal glass have an STC rating in the low 20’s. Replacing your existing windows with only standard new windows that have low E glass and argon gas will only increase the STC rating by 2-3 points. If noise is not an issue for you then this will suffice, however, noise that robs you of sleep or affects your ability to find peace and quiet requires a glazing system that is specifically designed for sound reduction. In addition to sound reduction, our Serenity windows provide you with added security. The laminated glass cannot be penetrated with repeated blows, it is stronger than your car’s windshield glass. Another benefit of laminated glass is that it provides 99% protection against damaging ultraviolet rays, no more fading of drapes, furniture, and flooring. See www.keepsafe.com. All these benefits are provided without sacrificing thermal efficiency; Our Serenity windows are as efficient as our Climateshield Premium windows with Low E and argon. These windows are one of the most efficient windows available, carrying the ENERGY STAR® Label. Encore also offers a similar Serenity glazing system for wood and aluminum windows.

TRANQUILITY® Glazing System offered by LOEWEN

Loewen windows Toronto

Loewen windows offer above-average sound attenuation, the result of our thick glass and superior fit and finish. For problem applications, we’ve developed an upgraded glazing system that offers even better sound transmission performance. Tranquility® Glazing Systems greatly reduce sound transmission into or out of the room in which they are installed.

  • Tranquility® Glazing Systems consist of a 1/4″ (6 mm) pane of glass on the exterior, a 13/16″ (21 mm) air or argon filled space, and a 7/32″ (6.5 mm) pane of laminated glass on the interior.
  • Tranquility® Glazing is available on all Loewen products that can be made in a triple glazed configuration.
  • Operating casement units test out at STC40 (no storm panel is required to achieve this rating).
  • Laminated glass used in the sealed unit provides increased security.
  • Tranquility® provides approximately the same thermal performance as Heat Smart® Plus 1.
  • The laminated glass used in Tranquility® helps to filter out damaging ultraviolet rays.

Tranquility® Glazing offers solutions to traffic and other urban noise, and can even effectively combat noise pollution in airport “sound footprints.”


The STC rating is a way to measure the performance of a glazing system using a single number that represents the Sound Transmission Loss performance over a range of frequencies. The higher the number, the greater the noise reduction.

The Quiet Window Technology – A first step:

  • A combination of different glass thickness to benefit from strategic sound transmission reduction at an economical price. A large airspace helps to minimize frequency bridging and further reduce transmission.
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