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Encore Window Shutters


Design Options

Louver Sizes: Shutters are produced in 2 ½” California and 3 ½” Plantation Styles.
Stiles Types: Choose from our Traditional and exclusive Decorative stile types.
Frame types: Choose between four frame types. Casing (outside mount), Trim, L Frame (inside or outside mount) or Z Frame (inside mount) will suit any décor or window configurations.
Pre-Drilled Frames: Predrilled installation holes make for quicker and cleaner installation.
Two-Part Hinges: The colour matched hinges allow panels to be removed easily. They are offset to help eliminate the resistance felt when closing the panels.

Tilt Bars: Push Rods are attached to the louvers which enables the adjustment of the louver angle, allowing for the desired level of privacy light filtered through. Three different configurations are offered: Front Side (located on the edge of the shutter panel), Front Middle (located in the middle of the shutter panel), or Rear (located in the rear of the shutter panel).

Louver Pitch: The distances between all louvers is computer controlled to provide a consistent look from shutter to shutter even if the shutters are different height.

Panel Options: Panels are offered in the following different options:

  • Individually Hinged: panels are attached to a shutter frame, window frame or a “T” post
  • Bi-Fold: two shutter panels that are hinged together
  • Double Hung Shutters: shutter panels are divided into two tiers allowing independent operation of either level
  • Café Style: shutter panels that cover the bottom half of a window
  • Louver Caps: Colour matched and seamless for a clean finish.

Stile Reinforcements: Two reinforcements in every corner and at divider rails, which assist with column strength and reduce potential sagging.

Catch less Receivers: Patent pending “catchless” receivers, eliminates the need for unsightly magnets and plates. It is a spring loaded, rounded button that automatically fastens the shutter to the frame when closed. It is easy to use, with just enough resistance to prevent accidental opening. The system is hidden out of sight at the top and bottom of each shutter.

Louver Reinforcements: Aluminum reinforcements are inserted in the louvers over 16’ for additional support.



Traditional Look: The look of traditional shutters offered by Performance Shutters helps you change the look of any room and achieve the functionality you desire with the support of the durability acquired from vinyl.

Low Maintenance: Performance Collection is designed with easy maintenance materials requiring only soap and water for cleaning.

Polyresin: A strong and durable colour fast compound with UV stabilizers designed with the durability that prevents shutters from chipping, cracking, peeling, warping, fading, shrinking, or having to be refinished.

Fire Retardant: Polyvinyl Carbonate is fire retardant and self-extinguishing providing you with the peace of mind necessary. It can be used in both residential and commercial applications.

Energy Efficient: An efficient contributor to reduce heat loss in the winter while keeping spaces cooler in the summer. Performance Shutters work to keep your money in your pocket, by providing you with a product that stabilizes the temperature in the room, preventing the loss of energy.

Production Time: Our guaranteed state of the art computerized equipment allows quick and accurate production with the finest craftsmanship.

Sound & Light Barrier: Shutters work as a sound barrier from outside noises, as well as the option to limit light penetration into a room, giving you the opportunity for increased privacy.