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Your front door welcomes the world to your home

Front entrance steel, fiberglass, wood or composite door consultants Encore Windows and Doors Toronto

Door purchases are often one of the most important and difficult renovation decisions for homeowners to make with thousands of designs to choose from.  Encore’s door consultants are all trained to help homeowners make the best informed decision.  We review the available options like steel, fiberglass, wood or composite.  We provide styles that best suit your needs and compliment your home whether you are in downtown Toronto or any GTA suburb.  We recommend options that satisfy all your requirements.  Our manufactures can custom build any door system you can imagine to make your home unique and to solve any problems you have.

Along with style and character a door system has to be functional, safe and secure and energy efficient.  Encore guarantees your doors are the best available anywhere and just as important the installation is done by certified installers.  Very few installers are actually Certified in Toronto & GTA region. Our door warranties are the best in the industry so you can enjoy peace of mind for years to come.  We have doors for every purpose including front and back entrance doors, French doors, patio doors and garden doors.
Please take a look at our door options and start to create your perfect door.

insulated steel doors and windows toronto

Our doors are not only beautiful, but they are equally strong and insulated. Fact: a steel insulated door is 4 times more energy efficient than a solid wood door. All our doors are a minimum 24-gauge steel with polyurethane insulation. Optional is also a 22 gauge (thicker metal) door. All our exterior doors are pre hung with different frame widths to suit your wall thickness. Whether your door is standard size or not we custom make each door to suit your needs.   Your front door is the centerpiece of your home both from the outside and the inside.  It sets the tone for your entire home.

What makes our doors beautiful is the glass. Most of our decorative glass inserts are triple glazed with tempered glass making them well insulated and secure as well as great looking. There are thousands of different styles to choose from.  With each door glass design we offer you custom options including glass types, bevels and caming from lead, brass and zinc. To find out more about our doors and see our complete selection, please contact us.  We will be happy to individually design your door.

Custom design entrance doors from Encore windows and doors

OUR PROMISE TO YOU – You will learn which doors are best for you and why, before you buy!

  • Our doors are all assembled by hand by quality craftsmen.  Your door will be built to your precise specifications.  Each door system is individually designed and built to suit your every specific need for quality, durability, functionality, style and design.
  • Encore Windows and Doors offers you the widest selection of doors and options for your doors in Markham, Toronto and the GTA area.
  • Choose from insulated Steel, fiberglass or prestigious all wood designs.
  • Be swept away by our catalogues and the thousands of different glass designs we offer. Even better let us help you create your own unique door design which no one but you will have.
  • Let your imagination create your perfect door.
  • Feel safe in your home with our secure locking systems, laminated safety glass, re-enforced frames and heavy duty hardware.
  • Best of all remember your doors will be installed by our Window Wise Certified installers.  This guarantees you a proper installation and years of problem free enjoyment.
  • Encore’s ultimate goal is to add beauty and value to your home. We make our doors to the highest standards and warrant them to perform over time. When you buy an Encore door, you are buying piece of mind.
  • Encore’s doors are designed and constructed to very exacting specifications. All materials—wood, fiberglass, steel or composite, are engineered for lasting durability and reliable performance. This performance translates into extra security, extra longevity and extra home owner satisfaction.

Encore continually creates new and innovative doors that are sure to bring beauty and value to your home for years to come..

Wood, Fiberglass, or Steel Doors?

Today it is very expensive to purchase wood windows and doors. Many home owners currently have old wood windows or old wood doors but continuing with wood for your home renovations can be very expensive. Wood windows and doors will also require maintenance over the years. Annual maintenance can become annoying and costly. Knock! Knock! It’s the fiberglass door. Fiberglass doors can achieve a woodgrain finish which many home owners are opting for. Although still more expensive than a steel door, fiberglass doors cost much less than wood systems. The only concern you will have with fiberglass systems is that fiberglass doors tend to bow/warp more than steel. To combat this, it is highly recommended you purchase a multipoint locking system over standard hardware. Rounding out the list are steel door systems. Steel systems are less susceptible to bowing or warping and can be installed using standard hardware. Steel doors will have a flat colour finish as you cannot achieve the woodgrain finish over steel. Steel doors can be painted in any colour to enhance your home.