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bQuiet Soundproof Windows

Enjoy the Peace and Quiet

Soundproof Windows Toronto by BQuiet

If unwanted noise is your only problem, then bquiet soundproof windows offers the option to solve your soundproof problems. Our soundproof window system is a second window placed behind or inside your existing window. The bquiet window will open and close with your existing windows. With our windows, there is no need to remove or replace your existing windows. This allows you to maintain the exterior look of your home or condo, which is especially important for condo owners who have restrictions.

Any home, condominium or commercial offices that suffer from excessive noise because of their vicinity to a busy street, railway tracks, airport flight path or noisy neighbours will greatly benefit from the installation of a bquiet soundproof window.

Low Noise Windows and Soundproof Windows Toronto

Unwanted noise causes restless sleep, lack of sleep, higher stress levels and discomfort. More and more is being discovered about the harmful effects of unwanted noise in our home or work environment. Installing soundproof windows will reduce this unwanted noise and virtually eliminate the stress.

Quiet Windows Toronto

Soundproof windows reduce noise by 75% or more. Imagine how much better you can sleep if your windows could eliminate the outside noise that keeps you and your family awake at night. No more waking up tired every morning.

Quiet Window Installation Toronto

bquiet soundproof windows are a second window placed behind or inside your existing window, there’s no need to remove or replace your existing windows.

Soundproof windows Toronto

bquiet soundproof windows can easily be removed or made to be fully operational, allowing for easy cleaning, and not impeding the functioning of your existing windows.

Quiet Windows reducing noise

Studies show a comfortable work environment substantially increases productivity. Reducing or virtually eliminating unwanted noise and distractions with our soundproof windows will allow you to be much more efficient thus working less and getting more done.

Improve Your Investment with Soundproof windows

Less noise means better value for residential homeowners who want to enjoy watching television, listening to music and spending quiet time inside. Noise reduction reduces stress levels and permits people to be more productive, creative, and comfortable, while enjoying improved privacy. The value of your property will skyrocket compared to your neighbours’ as you enjoy all the benefits of a great central location without the noise problems they have to endure. Prospective buyers will gladly pay a premium for your quiet, comfortable property when comparing it to the loud, noisier alternatives.

Many of the new homes being built today are near very busy traffic areas – the 400 series highways, major streets, closer to airports, near train tracks, etc… Sound walls are often a requirement, however they don’t extend to the second floor, leaving the upper bedrooms exposed. We find many of our clients have empty upstairs bedrooms and are sleeping in lower rooms because of the high noise level. When we install our bquiet windows, bedrooms are re-claimed and the value of the home rises.

Often great locations in parts of the city come at the cost of excessive noise. It often comes down to tolerating the situation, where we’ll hear people say “I’ll get used to it”. Please check our articles page on the long-term effects of noise. With bquiet windows, you can now live in any exciting part of the city that you desire, but in a quiet environment. It’s like having your cake and eating it too.

Reasons for Soundproofing in Commercial buildings

  • Provides a quieter, more productive work environment
  • Lower utility bills that help offset the one-time cost of the windows.
  • Less maintenance because of reduced use of the heating/cooling systems
  • As a landlord, higher rent can be charged because of the benefits listed above

In addition to sound reduction, our bquiet windows provide you with added security. The laminated glass cannot be penetrated with repeated blows, as it is stronger than your car’s windshield glass. Another benefit of laminated glass is that it provides 99% protection against damaging ultraviolet rays, meaning no more fading of drapes, furniture and flooring. See www.keepsafe.com. And of course bquiet windows offer thermal efficiency by reducing air infiltration, moisture and they’re available with Low E technology for added energy savings.

bquiet windows are installed on the inside of your existing windows, blending in and becoming camouflaged, virtually eliminating noise and preserving the exterior aesthetics of your home or condo. Our bquiet soundproof windows stop unwanted city noise in its tracks.