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Soundproof Doors

Sound Proof Sliding Doors

Soundproof Doors Toronto

In areas of extreme noise pollution, Encore has an additional sound proofing door solution. A second door is installed in addition to your existing door.

bquiet sliding glass doors are able to reduce noise just as effectively as our windows. As we do with windows, we add a 2nd layer to your sliding door – a 2nd glass layer that is laminated, blocking sound and adding security. Noise reduction of more than 75%.

The coldest room in your home is typically the one with a sliding glass door due to the glass itself and the non-sufficient seals that typically surround it. With our 2nd glass door added, drafts are virtually eliminated, thus changing the room to one of the most comfortable in the entire home and providing you with additional energy savings.

bquiet Soundproof Sliding Glass Door Advantages: Security is increased significantly. Sliding glass doors normally have tempered glass, which can be easily broken by an intruder. Like our windows, the doors have Laminated glass which provides excellent security and peace of mind by preventing break-ins. The difficulty and the noise produced attempting to break through deters most intruders.

Noise Reduction Steel Door Systems

Acoustical performance is an important consideration. This is especially true in highly populated cities, areas around highways, railroads, airports and high density residential areas. The demand for efficient noise reducing door systems is on the rise and Encore has developed a superior system that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye and easy to install.


  • An innovative exterior door system, designed to reduce high levels of unwanted noise
  • Encore’s Noise Reduction Systems provide a commercial level of performance, while providing
    the look of a residential door system at an affordable price point
  • Provides Sound Transmission Class (STC) system rating of 36
  • Ideal of multi-use and urban in-fill projects located near sources of noise pollution
  • Noise Reduction lites offer added security with laminated glass surrounded by an attractive glass frame that won’t warp, crack or yellow
  • Solutions available in all sizes and configurations.