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Four Signs That You Need to Repair Your Front Door

Doors tend to be used for years and years without getting much notice. And when they do get noticed, it’s usually during a period of renovation and they’re being considered for a paint job or replacement (to match an updated interior). However, doors provide many benefits to your home and once they fail to provide basic functions, it’s time to consider whether you should keep them or possibly replace them.

Here are 4 signs to help you figure out if you need to repair your home’s front door.

1. They don’t keep out noise. A key function of a front door is to effectively block noise – or at least reduce it significantly. This is especially true if you live on a busy street or in a high-traffic area. If your front door isn’t keeping outdoor noise to a minimum, it may be time to consider a replacement.

2. You notice drafts underneath the door. Air coming underneath the door could tamper with your home’s overall climate. It’s also a tell-tale sign that your doors aren’t energy efficient. Newer model doors can help your home keep warm air inside during the winter months and hot air outside during the summer months.

3. When it rains, there’s water near the door. Make notes of when you see water seep through underneath the front door – that could mean that there are structural issues with the house. The main issue that arises out of a leaky front door is the potential for the wood frame around the door to rot, which could require a complete repair of the door and the frame.

4. There are broken locks, handles and hinges. If your door is older and has repairs that need to be made to the locks, handles and hinges, purchasing a replacement door should be worth considering – especially since the pros of a newer door model can far outweigh the costs of yearly repair and inefficient insulation.

These 4 tips can help you be aware of when it’s time to consider a door repair or replacement for your home. For help with a door replacement, call Encore Home Improvements – we can help you figure out what type of door would work best for your home and take care of the installation.

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