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Picture Windows

iStock 000003197417XSmall1A very large fixed window in a wall, typically without glazing bars or glazed with only perfunctory glazing bars near the edge of the window. Picture windows are intended to provide an unimpeded view, as if framing a picture.

Picture windows allow natural light into your home while providing excellent energy efficiency.  Picture windows can be custom built to any size and shape.

Picture windows are also used in combination with operating windows and doors.

A picture window cannot be opened, whose function is limited to allowing light to enter (Unlike an operable window, which can open and close). Clerestory windows are often fixed. Picture windows are often used as Transom windows. This type of window is used in situations where light or vision alone is needed and no ventilation is necessary.

Picture windows can be used on their own or combined with any operating window. Suitable for either very small or very large openings. Picture windows also provide cost savings and energy savings as they are both less expensive than operable windows and more energy efficient.

Picture windows are often used with custom glass treatments, ranging from different glass colours and glass frostings to elaborate leaded glass designs.  Each window can be custom designed to fit your home’s decor and your imagination.

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