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Steel Doors


Energy Efficiency

As our planet’s resources continue to be taxed, scientists, inventors, manufacturers and whole countries are searching for new sources of energy. You may not be able to discover a new energy source, but you can conserve this precious commodity, and Encore doors can help.

Encore is constantly investigating new ideas, new materials, and new designs to help our homeowners cut down on energy costs. Encore doors are designed and built with energy efficiency in mind.


A Promise of Commitment to Environmental Responsibility

At Encore Windows and Doors we are committed to trying to leave the planet much as we found it. Our doors are built in manufacturing facilities designed to be conscious of the environment.

It’s logical that the longer a door performs the less the stress on the environment. Therefore, all materials, wood, fiberglass, steel or composites—are engineered and selected for lasting durability and service.

If you are looking to conserve our natural resources, or if you are seeking a company that cares about our environment, Encore is the answer. With Encore windows and doors you never have to sacrifice superior quality for environmental stewardship.

Door glass Features & Benefits

Steel Entrance Doors Construction Toronto

Door glass is a system comprised of a two part frame and an insulated panel of tempered safety glass.
Encore Door glass provides the assurance of a maintenance free frame, the beauty of decorative glass and the integrity of a moisture resistant construction.

Energy Efficiency

Entrance Door Glass Construction

A green home doesn’t have to compromise beauty or natural light. Encore Door glass can be used in doors to meet ENERGY STAR® standards.

Standard Encore Door glass is constructed of two panels of tempered safety glass that are sealed and insulated for air-tight, water-tight performance.

Decorative door glass, with caming, has a third inner panel sealed between two outer panels. Silk screened or frosted glass is typically made with only two panels.

Water and Air Resistance


Encore Door glass systems protect against moisture and air infiltration in two areas.
1. Infiltration from the outside that attempts to penetrate the frame seals.
2. Infiltration into the insulated glass air space through the glass seal.

Triple pane decorative glass shown.

Wood Frame Steel Doors


1. Fail safe double Premium magnetic weatherstripping – ensures a tight seal to minimize heat loss.
2. Thermally efficient pine frame – fingerjointed to resist warping.
3. Shiny brass hinges for added beauty.
4. Self draining sill system (thermally broken).
5. Unique PVC door-lite frame that will never require painting. The integral weatherstrip ensures a seal that provides maximum air and water tightness.
6. Full 12″ wood lock block for extra strength and security.
7. Hot dipped, galvanized steel skins – resist cracking, splitting, rusting and warping.
8. Poly-urethane foam insulation provides an insulation value six times that of wood.
9. Leak-proof self draining adjustable combination sweep – provides a positive triple-seal against air and water infiltration.
10. An extra reinforcement plate at the strike jamb gives added security and peace of mind.

High Security Steel Replacement Doors


1. No need to remove existing wood frame.
2. Shiny brass hinges enhance any decor
3. New compression weatherstrip
4. Low profile sill for easy access
5. Full 12″ lock block.
6. New magnetic weatherstrip for airtight seal.
7. High security steel frame for added safety
8. Hot dipped, galvanized steel skins – resist cracking, splitting, rusting and warping.
9. Multi-finned sweep keeps wind and winter cold outside.
10. Polyurethane insulation (no CFC’s).

Finished Frame Widths for Wood Frame Doors

30″ 31 1/2″ 46 3/4″ 62″
32″ 33 1/2″ 48 3/4″ 64″
34″ 35 1/2″ 50 3/4″ 66″
36″ 37 1/2″ 52 3/4″ 68″
2 x 30″ 62″ 77 1/4″ 92 1/2″
2  x 32″ 66″ 81 1/4″ 96 1/2″
2 x 34″ 70″ 85 1/4″ 100 1/2″
2 x 36″ 74″ 89 1/4″ 104 1/2″

High Security Steel Replacement Sizing Chart



(min – max)
(min – max)
Width x Height
29 1/2″ X 30 1/2″ 80″ X 80 1/2″ 2′ 6″ X 6′ 8″
31 1/2″ X 32 1/2″ 80″ X 80 1/2″ 2′ 8″ X 6′ 8″
33 1/2″ X 34 1/2″ 80″ X 80 1/2″ 2′ 10″ X 6′ 8″
33 1/2″ X 34 1/2″ 82″ X 82 1/2″ 2′ 10″ X 6′ 10″
35 1/2″ X 36 1/2″ 80″ X 80 1/2″ 3′ 0″ X 6′ 8″
35 1/2″ X 36 1/2″ 84″ X 84 1/2″ 3′ 0″ X 7′ 0″