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Good first impressions are important in all areas of our lives from employers, friends, education and on and on. Starting off positively multiplies peoples’ perceptions of us. The same is true for our homes. Making a great first impression with your front door pays off exponentially for the rest of the home.

An attractive beautiful front door entrance system tells all your guests and neighbours that this is a well kept home by homeowners that take pride in their home and themselves. Whether you are selling your home or just upgrading, perceived pride of ownership always raises the value of your home and everything in it.

Whether you are looking to upgrade with a fresh look or if you want to make a wow statement with a new front door system, Encore Windows and Doors has unlimited options for you to have a one-of-a-kind door in your neighbourhood. Make your home stand out from the minute anyone approaches.

Not only will your new door look amazing, it will also function a lot better. A new door will stop all those cold drafts and irritating bugs getting into your home while saving you money on your heating and cooling bills.

In addition, your new replacement door system will be much more secure than the existing old door. Combined with reinforced frames and extra secure multipoint locks your new door will be much safer and provide years of worry-free service.

Whether you are looking for steel, fiberglass, or wood doors we have all the options available and with our buying power we can get you the best products and deals.

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