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number1 All vinyl windows are created equal

Although many vinyl windows look similar from afar there are significant differences in quality and performance if you look closer.  Premium vinyl windows are built using thicker vinyl and re-enforced inside the chambers.  This provides a much stronger window which will perform significantly better.  The energy efficiency will also be much higher.  Lastly, the premium windows will last much longer saving you a lot of money in the long run.

number1Buying windows direct from a manufacturer is better than buying from a dealer

Generally, a manufacturer will only sell you their products and not the best products for what you need.  A dealer can offer you several different brands and recommend the products that are best for you. As a dealer, we can also find the best price for you from shopping several suppliers.  Most manufacturers that sell direct to the public do so because knowledgeable dealers do not want to sell their product.  Dealers stay away because they know they have deficiencies in their product or service.

number1 Proper Installation does not matter

Installation is just as important if not more important than the windows you purchase.  A poorly installed window whether it is a builder grade or a top-of-the-line window will leak and not operate properly.  A poorly installed window will not last as long as a properly installed one.  How do you know if an installer is properly trained.  When looking for window installations make sure the company is Window Wise Certified.  This is your guarantee that the install will be done properly.  Only a select few in Canada can say they are Window Wise Certified.

number1 Fiberglass is better than Vinyl for windows

Although fiberglass is generally considered a strong material, it does not hold up well in building products.  Vinyl windows are fusion welded during manufacturing creating strong corners and solid frames.  Fiberglass windows are screwed and glued together creating weak joints that will loosen and separate after normal usage.  This is the reason there are only a few fiberglass window companies.  Most window manufacturers today are using vinyl, a proven material.

number1Vinyl windows are always white and plastic looking

Vinyl window technology has progressed a long way.  Vinyl windows are available in virtually any colour. Painted vinyl windows look like any other painted product.  Home designers and decorators are constantly specifying painted vinyl windows for their projects.  Black vinyl windows are now the number one colour choice of painted vinyl windows.  The baked-on finish is guaranteed to withstand our Canadian weather.

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