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Why Choose CSA Certified Windows


Is your Window CSA Certified?

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There is an important difference between a “CSA Tested” window and a CSA Certified window!
Almost all windows have been tested to the CSA A-440-M98 standard, but almost none of the tested windows are certified!

To get a CSA test report, a specially made window is sent to the test lab by a manufacturer. These windows are made for the test and every effort is made to make them perfect!

It became apparent to both the window industry and government that “tested windows” did not give an accurate evaluation of window performance of regular production by tested manufacturers.

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The solution, as developed through the cooperation of both the Canadian Window & Door Association (CWDMA) and government was to develop a certification program. The CSA Certification Program is designed to verify that the window you buy is made with exactly same materials and processes as the lab tested window!

CSA Certification means that windows are pulled from production by CSA inspectors at random. These windows are carefully examined and tested to assure that they are made and perform to the published tests!

Many manufacturers have declined to participate in this voluntary program which would require them to publish ratings for production quality windows. Vinyl Window Designs Ltd. is proud to offer you a line of Certified windows!

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