Molaro Wood Windows

Encore is proud to offer windows and doors direct from Italy. They are made from High quality Premium Wood and Old-world Craftsmanship. Their story below

The Company started at the beginning of the Fifties thanks to Aldo Molaro, a talented craftsman expert on the manufacturing of furniture and wooden finishes for the home. He started to focus his factory in the manufacturing of windows and doors, reaching in the Sixties an important growth in the number of workmen and in the production.  The Company became consolidated at the end of the Eighties thanks to the will of his son Ivo, who increased the production capacity with the use of the first inline automatic system. The development towards a controlled industrialization was able to give a great value to the craftsman care of the products with unique finishes. In 2007, Molaro widens its offer to the clients thanks to the merger with the artisan company Del Fabbro. Today Molaro company, with an history of three generations, has more than 70 workmen divided in three different production plants in Tarcento, Collalto and Villa Santina for a total of about 162,000 square feet. of covered area. Furthermore, it has at its customer’s convenience 10,764 square feet of showroom close to Udine.  From 2015, in the plant in Villa Santina an innovative production line system for the semi-finished product has been installed: there are machineries for the cutting and for the moulding and a latest-generation machining centre that is completely automated. All the system is connected from a computer to the network and directly managed by the production seat in Tarcento, where the semi-finished products are transformed in the finished product.

Molaro have always followed the road of innovation and technological evolution, in order to grant the highest quality standards.

Molaro can offer a wide range of products suitable for every residential typology. Beside the traditional windows and doors, there are arched structures, curved on plan compositions, customized windows, lift and slide doors, double-hung windows, bifolding systems, pivot openings. The new production line for the semi-finished product has been studied in order to offer all the innovative range of products. The new technologies have also allowed to reduce as much as possible the frontal dimension of the profiles to obtain wider glass surfaces, giving more brightness to the rooms and decreasing at the same time the heat transmission.

The design in a door

A wide range of Molaro entrance doors that can be always customized according to the desires and the needs of the client. 
Molaro offers a lot of wooden, wood-aluminum and armoured entrance doors thatassure the maximum security against intrusion.